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Your Valuable Asset

At Sovereign Properties we offer you a wealth of experience, a reputation for finding great tenants and most importantly the personal touch.

We understand that as a Landlord, you will expect your property manager to:

  • Find the best tenant for your property
  • Collect rent and deposit money into your account on a timely basis
  • Conduct regular inspections
  • Promptly attend to maintenance, and keep you completely informed.

This is what we do at Sovereign Properties taking pride and being diligent in the way we do this.

But the most important question that you must ask yourself is, “Do the owners of your Real Estate Agency consider your valuable investment property to be important enough that they personally look after it.

At Sovereign Properties the answer is YES.

At Sovereign Properties the Directors of the company take an active role in looking after your valuable asset.

We use advanced software to monitor your investment property from a financial perspective and recognize the importance of managing your property effectively to ensure it achieves the right balance between maximum return and minimal wear and tear. That’s why we take great care at all levels to ensure your property is looked after as if it was our own.

Your Sovereign Advantage

When appraising your investment property, we determine the amount of rental income you can realistically expect to get when comparing your property to other similar properties in the market. Our aim is to always maximise your returns whilst setting the rent at an appropriate rate which can be the difference between easily and quickly finding great tenants or the property sitting vacant.

When it comes to selecting tenants, they must meet our strict selection criteria in order to be considered and approved for properties.

We conduct a thorough review of potential tenants which includes financial and character background checks to ensure that they are of the highest caliber.

Over the years we’ve worked hard to earn a reputation that provides our landlords with excellent tenants.

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Meet Your Sovereign Property Experts

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