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How To Get Top Dollar For Your Home

Timing And Pricing

Naturally, every seller wants to make sure they sell for the highest possible price, while every buyer wants to make sure they don’t pay too much.
Managing buyer expectations, and nurturing the buyer through the purchase process, is one of the key price influences.

A good buyer always does their homework and will certainly be aware of recent sales of similar properties in the area. Their price opinion will no doubt be totally based on sales of similar properties and of course on emotional attraction.
Real estate is the only product on the market that has no recommended retail price, which can make choosing an initial figure something of a challenge.
Property is like concrete: the longer it sits, the harder it becomes (to get your price). So being realistic with price expectations is critical in ensuring that the property doesn’t remain on the market for too long.

Preparing Your Home For Sale

It’s all about presentation - how your home looks, feels, smells and even sounds.
Presentation creates the ambience that forges a positive buyer experience.
Presentation will powerfully influence the one thing that makes a buyer ignore realistic price levels, and what every seller is ultimately looking for - emotional connection and motivation!
Ultimately presentation and pricing will determine the amount of time your property stays on the market.

The Sovereign Touch – Our Marketing

We like to think of marketing as the overall process of not only reaching out to potential buyers, but also connecting on multiple levels using powerful, attractive images and great advertising copy.
We understand buyers have choices. We know that, when you’re selling a property, you’re competing with other properties for buyer attention.

That’s why we like to change the game wherever we can and go the extra mile to position our clients’ homes above the rest.

The days of selling real estate “stock standard”, where each listing and advertising campaign is pretty much the same, are long gone.

We offer our clients the most up to date marketing strategies when listing their home for sale.
We market your property by using a suite of marketing tools that will be specifically tailored to your property. They include listing your property on the most popular internet portals such as and, as well as on our website, and on the most effective social media platform being Facebook.

We also use a diverse range of print media, including sign boards, brochures and local newspapers or magazines depending on your budget. Different types of videos can also be produced all aimed at presenting your home in the best possible light to attract as many potential buyers as possible.

Broadcasting your property to our extensive database targeting specific buyers looking for properties like yours- is also another effective marketing tool.

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Meet Your Sovereign Property Experts

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